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In her wretch blog, it talks about her two new variety shows and she said details later. And she wants us to support Zoom In, GuiGui, & her two new variety shows. (: Also she told us to go support Evan Yo’s mv because it has her in it but she thinks it doesn’t look like her. xD

Credits to GuiGui’s Wretch Album & Blog

Credits to Wendy @ AF for translating the blog!


Credits to GuiGui’s Wretch Album

Haha, GuiGui’s big sunglasses are so cute! I also love GuiGui & Ya Zi’s pics! Ya Zi is really GuiGui’s best friend. ❤ It’s weird how they weren’t really that close when they were still in WAHSH, but now they are like best friends. :]

Credits to GuiGui’s Wretch Album

Haha, it’s so cute how GuiGui looks cute in some pics but sexy in other pics. (:

Credits to GuiGui’s Wretch Album

GuiGui wrote “HK” under these pictures so I guess she went to HK a few days ago? Or maybe she’s IN HK right now, haha. It seems like she’s not busy at all nowadays. >.< I wish she would go on more variety shows and I have NO idea what happened to Golden Taxi. :3 No episodes nor new pictures. >.<

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Credits to GuiGui’s Wretch Album

Yay, GuiGui finally updated her wretch album! =) I think she looks SUPER pretty in the last two pictures and I love her smile! Her hair is also super cute! I love it when she puts her hair into a high and messy bun. =D Plus she has normal bangs again! They make GuiGui look cuter and younger. =P


Credits to GuiGui’s Wretch Album

GuiGui updated 5 new pictures, but only one of the pic is a pic of GuiGui. If you want to see the other pictures she uploaded, please go to her wretch album. :] GuiGui’s eyes are so round & big ^^;

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Credits to GuiGui’s Wretch Album

Omg, GuiGui looks absolutely gorgeous in these pics! But I hate how she split her bangs in the middle. :[ I think GuiGui looks SO much better with side bangs or normal bangs. I love looking at GuiGui pictures because she always does a lot of different expressions. :] She’s not smiling in all of them. I’m still sad she didn’t upload [if GuiLun took any..] pictures of her and Aaron together. D: I really hope they did pics together when GuiGui went to FLH’s concert.

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