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In her wretch blog, it talks about her two new variety shows and she said details later. And she wants us to support Zoom In, GuiGui, & her two new variety shows. (: Also she told us to go support Evan Yo’s mv because it has her in it but she thinks it doesn’t look like her. xD

Credits to GuiGui’s Wretch Album & Blog

Credits to Wendy @ AF for translating the blog!

Credits to GuiGui’s Wretch Album

Haha, GuiGui’s big sunglasses are so cute! I also love GuiGui & Ya Zi’s pics! Ya Zi is really GuiGui’s best friend. <3 It’s weird how they weren’t really that close when they were still in WAHSH, but now they are like best friends. :]

Credits to GuiGui’s Wretch Album

Haha, it’s so cute how GuiGui looks cute in some pics but sexy in other pics. (:

Credits to GuiGui’s Wretch Album

GuiGui wrote “HK” under these pictures so I guess she went to HK a few days ago? Or maybe she’s IN HK right now, haha. It seems like she’s not busy at all nowadays. >.< I wish she would go on more variety shows and I have NO idea what happened to Golden Taxi. :3 No episodes nor new pictures. >.<

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Credits to GuiGui’s Wretch Album

Yay, GuiGui finally updated her wretch album! =) I think she looks SUPER pretty in the last two pictures and I love her smile! Her hair is also super cute! I love it when she puts her hair into a high and messy bun. =D Plus she has normal bangs again! They make GuiGui look cuter and younger. =P


Credits to GuiGui’s Wretch Album

GuiGui updated 5 new pictures, but only one of the pic is a pic of GuiGui. If you want to see the other pictures she uploaded, please go to her wretch album. :] GuiGui’s eyes are so round & big ^^;

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Credits to GuiGui’s Wretch Album

Omg, GuiGui looks absolutely gorgeous in these pics! But I hate how she split her bangs in the middle. :[ I think GuiGui looks SO much better with side bangs or normal bangs. I love looking at GuiGui pictures because she always does a lot of different expressions. :] She’s not smiling in all of them. I’m still sad she didn’t upload [if GuiLun took any..] pictures of her and Aaron together. D: I really hope they did pics together when GuiGui went to FLH’s concert.


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Credits to GuiGui’s Wretch Album

GuiGui looks so pretty with her hair down! I think GuiGui should put her hair down more and grow her hair out. :] I think she got a haircut because I remember her hair being this length like a month ago. I’m sure her hair does grow, so it wouldn’t be the same length if she didn’t cut it. D; I just really miss seeing GuiGui with long hair so I hope she’ll finally grow her hair out this time! And she also has side bangs again. =)

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Credits to GuiGui’s Wretch Album

GuiGui also uploaded another pic, but I’ve uploaded that pic already. :] It’s the up close picture of her holding her bookmark. ^_^ She looks  so pretty and there are so many of her in the first pic, lol.


Credits to GuiGui’s Wretch Album

I’m disappointed she didn’t upload any pics of herself but this picture of Pooh and Gaga is very cute. :) I think she should take more pics of her and Gaga! <3 I think she has only taken one with GaGa? Or maybe none. o.o

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